Nerve Injuries

Nerves are what helps our body function properly, by sending and receiving signals to and from the brain. Injuries to the nerve can be completely disabling and can also hinder day to day activities as per nerve injury clinics in Hanamkonda. In many cases, these injuries could be due to nerve compression or bone herniation near the nerve which in turn causes damage to the nerve. Some of the common nerve injuries treated by nerve pain specialist in Warangal which may need Nerve surgery in Warangal are:

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: The carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when there is pressure on the median nerve. This nerve is present all along the hand and passes through the wrist to the hand. This condition causes numbness or weakness in the hand. Tingles in the fingers of the hand, shock sensation in the arm and also loss of grip could be some signs. Treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome by best nerve and plastic surgeon in Hanamkonda, Dr. Laxman Sambari might start with medications to lifestyle changes and exercises, however in the event these do not work out, surgery can be done to relieve the pressure from that nerve. Keeping in mind the anatomy of the wrist, this surgery is extremely complex and needs intricacy.
  • Wrist Drop: Radial nerve compression can cause wrist drop. The radial nerve is one of the primary nerves which carry signals to the arm. Symptoms of wrist drop might include finger and wrist weakness, inability to straighten the fingers, tingling sensation or muscle weakness in the hands which the wrist drop specialist in Hanamkonda in best nerve injury hospitals in Warangal or wrist pain hospitals in hanamkonda can check and treat.
    It is important to get in touch with best doctors for wrist nerve in Warangal in wrist pain clinics in Warangal in the event that you notice pain or swelling which is more than usual in the arm, trouble speaking, shortness or difficulty breathing. Injury to the radial nerve can be due to fracturing of the humerus, sleeping in an uncomfortable position, falling on the arm, or lengthened use of wrist constrictions.
  • Foot Drop: Foot drop or drop in the foot is when you would not be able to lift the front part of the foot and you might have to drag your foot on the ground and need foot drop treatment in Warangal. Foot drop is not necessarily a disease but a symptom of a disease such as nerve injury or spinal problems or any kind of muscle disorders and needs the expertise of foot nerve specialist in Hanamkonda. Some of the reasons why a foot drop can occur are sports injury, diabetes, and delivery of child, joint replacement surgery or excess squatting. In case none of the medications or support systems work, foot pain specialist in Warangal or best doctors for foot pain in Warangal can help relieve the problem by fusing the bones of the ankle and bone together.
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