Hemangioma & Vascular Malformations (VM &AVM)

Hemangiomas are essentially relatively big birth marks which are present at birth or can come up in the first 2 weeks of life. The location of the hemangiomas are not fixed, they can erupt out at any location be it chest, scalp, back or face. It is usually red as it has blood vessels under it. Some cases the hemangiomas may disappear but in other cases they could be a cause of concern needing hemangioma treatment in Warangal in best hemangioma clinics in Warangal. It is essential to have them checked frequently by best hemangioma and plastic surgeon in Warangal, Dr. Laxman Sambari. However in case you notice any bleeds or if it hurts or pains, immediately consult your doctor in hemangioma hospitals in Warangal.

There are many treatments available for treatment of hemangiomas based on their location and intensity. Our experts will have a thorough evaluation before deciding on the best approach for hemangioma surgery in Warangal.

Vascular Malformations

These are always present at birth and grow with the child dependent on the blood vessel which supplies to it. There are further categorizations of vascular malformations needing vascular malformation treatment in Hanamkonda:

  • Capillary Malformations: These usually persist throughout the life time and are reddish in color.
  • Lymphatic Malformations: These do not diminish on their own and show the appearance as blisters or swelling which might occasionally bleed as well.
  • Arteriovenous Malformations (AVM): Comparatively rare however these are essentially dangerous. Having a bluish appearance on the skin, incase of bleeding they need to be given immediate treatment or could turn fatal.
Hemangioma and Vascular Formation in Warangal