Growth and Development

Child development can be defined as how your child is supposed to speak, act, learn and play at a particular age and render important signs to help his/her complete health.

Baby milestones can be categorised into 3 types by Best children doctors in Hanamkonda, Dr.Sandhya Koorapati:

  • Gross motor Milestone: This is when the baby is about to move and sit, stand crawl on their own.
  • Fine Motor Milestone
  • Language Milestone: Speaking the first words, able to recognize voices.
  • Social Milestone.

Every child is unique and so is the way they grow, therefore expecting every child to grow and attain these milestones at the same time is not realistic. However, in case of a lot of deviation, it is always good to consult Best Paediatricians in Warangal in Best children growth development clinics in Warangal

Children Growth Development Hospital in Warangal

Few general described milestones are:

Birth to 1 year

  • Can Smile
  • Is able to successfully roll over
  • Able to sit up
  • Pulls self up to stand
  • Tries to walk with support
  • Can drink from cup
  • Speak mama, dada

1 year to 3 years

  • Can run, spin
  • Can say words which are familiar
  • Can feed themselves neatly
  • Understands games and pedals tricycle
  • Points to simple body parts
  • Can differentiate between colors
  • Can take instructions

3 years to 6 years

  • Can draw circle or square
  • Catches ball
  • Can repeat rhyme
  • Begins to ride bicycle
  • Can skip on one foot
  • Can differentiate between morning, evening and night

6 years to 12 year

  • Game skills develop
  • Reading improves
  • Writing is improving
  • Baby teeth starts to fall out and permanent teeth starts to grow
  • Girls show signs of armpit hair and increment in breast sizes
  • Menstruation might start
  • They start to develop a routine and follow it
  • Develops emotions, friendships

Along with emotional and mental growth, physical growth is important as well. Height, weight of the child and their digestive capabilities, their physical activity and fatigue needs to be monitored to ensure an overall growth of the child. Childhood obesity needs to be controlled as it is the root cause of many serious illnesses in growing child in children growth development hospitals in Warangal.