Breast and Abdominal Surgery

Breast surgery by Breast surgeon in Warangal at breast hospitals in Warangal consists of a range of surgical procedures designed for the aesthetic and personal satisfaction of the man or woman. It could be done to bring out ones confidence by enhancing their self image or to handle a medical situation which requires intervention of the breast like breast pain treatment in hanamkonda by breast pain specialist in Warangal, Dr. Laxman Sambari Categorising into medical and cosmetic, breast surgeries can be of the below nature by breast doctors in hanamkonda:

Medical Needs:

  • Lumpectomy: In the event that breast cancer is detected, either part of the breast or all the lymph nodes are removed to eliminate the cancer.
  • Mastectomy: Removal of the breasts to curtail the spread of cancer or to remove the cancerous breast.

Cosmetic Needs:

  • Breast Augmentation: Increasing the size of the breasts with the help of implant.
  • Breast Reduction: Decreasing the size of the breast.
  • Beast Lift: Surgery to improve the appearance of saggy breasts.
  • Breast Reconstruction: Most of the times, this is in case of cancer when a breast is removed.
breast abdominal surgery in warangal


A breast gynecomastia surgery in warangal done on men to remove the excess fat tissues resulting in heavy male boobs. This is a procedure in best breast clinics in Warangal helps men gain back their confidence to a great extent.

Abdominal surgery:

Abdominal surgery in Warangal or Abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure which is done to remove the excess fat or skin in the abdomen area which has not responded to diet or exercise. This surgery is also denoted as a tummy tuck.